4 Newark DE Attractions To Stop By With Your Family

Located in New Castle County, Newark is not far at all from Wilmington. With a population of just over 30,000 people, Newark isn’t a large city, yet it is a very popular one to visit. Are you familiar with all of the things to do in this historic city? Let’s take a good look at what there is to do in the city of Newark DE.

White Clay Creek State Park is one of the adventures that you can enjoy. Its location is 880 New London Road, and it is known as a great hiking spot. All those hiking trails along the Mason Dixon Line are waiting for you. You can go bird watching, check out the wildflowers and even play disc golf. If you have not played disc golf before, you are missing out. Hit the course and see what you think. There is a great picnic area there, too.

Christiana Mall is a wonderful place to visit if you’re looking to go shopping in Newark. Its location is 132 Christiana Mall, and of course this is where you’re going to see all the anchor stores. There is a nice food court available, so you’re not going to go hungry. This mall is a great place to spend some time when you want to relax and enjoy that shopping experience in the city of Newark. There is also a movie theater there as well.

Now it’s time to go back out into nature in Newark at Glasgow Park. Glasgow Park is located off of Route 896 and Route 40. There are hiking trails there as well, just like at White Clay Creek State Park. You will also find tennis courts, a sledding hill and a playground. There is even a farmers market held there. Glasgow Park is said to have something for everyone.

Another great stop to make is Milburn Orchards. Located at 1495 Appleton Road, Milburn Orchards is where you can get your apple cider donuts. Pick apples, pet the animals and just enjoy spending time with your family. The kids are going to love this place. There is a corn maze, face painting is available, and you just never know what all you’re going to find at Milburn Orchards.

These great places to stop by in Newark are surely going to be fun. Spend time with your family at these four attractions, and discover what else Newark DE has to offer as well.